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Who I AM

I am Ruth Louise Sinkeler Born in Paramaribo, Suriname (1972)

At a young age, I moved from Paramaribo with my parents, to be raised in a small city in the Netherlands. During studies I went to live in Amsterdam and stayed there, up until 2015, when I decided to move back to my birth country and rebuild my life in a tropical environment. No more winters, less people and more space were a few of the reasons I chose to leave the Netherlands and start a new adventure in my home country. Since then I have encountered many fruitful business opportunities in Suriname and the Caribbean and I am happy every day for making the choice to move back and live and work in the sunshine.

What I do

My Mission

It is my mission to lead people (primarily women) in my country Suriname, the Caribbean and the rest of the world in their growth to use their full potential in order to build and lead the life they desire. I do that through training, speaking and hosting inspiring speaking events. 

I successfully run and build several businesses in Suriname and internationally:

What I Wrote

My Books

(Dutch & English)


Everybody has a leader hidden inside of them. The challenge is to discover how you can get that leader out. Sexy Leadership is a veritable solution to the challenge. The world is constantly asking for new leaders. But what makes a person a sexy leader?

Happy ondernemers zijn succesvoller!

Happy ondernemers zijn succesvoller! Ondernemen met plezier, vanuit voldoening en verbinding 10 inzichten en 10 inspirerende interviews Doe je ogen eens dicht en stel jezelf nu een groep mensen voor die dansend, zingend en vrolijk bij elkaar zijn.

Wan Tamara De

Inspirerende verhalen van 50 senior professionals en young professionals van Suriname. Over kansen en overwonnen obstakels. Ontroerende, inspirerende verhalen. Een inspiratiebron voor een ieder met belangstelling voor werken in en zakendoen met Suriname.


‘Dag, chocoladeprinses.’
Safiye stopt abrupt in haar beweging. De hese stem bezorgt haar nog steeds de rillingen over haar hele lijf. Niet van angst, maar van begeerte.

Safiye is jong, ambitieus en leeft haar beste leven in Amsterdam. 

Kammi & zijn vriendjes

Kammi is een kleine avontuurlijke kamrawenke die graag op onderzoek uit gaat. Ook de andere dieren, die hoofdpersoon zijn in hun verhaaltjes, beleven allemaal avonturen en leren wijze lessen. Ben jij ook al zo enthousiast over het kinderboek met de avonturen van Kammi en zijn vriendjes?

What I speak about

I speak about building your own table. Filling your own seats with who you want at your table. For women, POC and other marginalized groups. 

I speak of leadership and taking responsibility. About impact and UBUNTU.

I am an advocate for Diversity, Equity and Equality.

Most of all I love speaking about my country of Suriname and all the opportunities and potential we have here. 

I am a Ted Speaker.

Did my own talkshow with all ministers from the current Suriname government.

 Example: Minister of Internal Affairs

Recently I started a project in collaboration with Key News Suriname.

Key news Business talks 

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I am available for speaking engagements. I do my own management. 

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