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I am Ruth Louise.
Born in Paramaribo, Suriname (1972)

A country in South America which is largely (95%) covered with unspoiled tropical rainforest, is 5 times as large as the Netherlands and only has about 600.000 inhabitants.
The population of Suriname is characterized by a high level of diversity. We are a true rainbow nation and part of the Caricom trade union.
At a very young age, I moved from Paramaribo with my parents, to be raised in a small city in the Netherlands. During studies I went to live in Amsterdam and stayed there, up until 2015, when I decided to move back to my birth country and rebuild my life in a tropical environment. No more winters, less people and more space were a few of the reasons I chose to leave the Netherlands and start a new adventure in my home country. Since then I have encountered many fruitful business opportunities in Suriname and the Caribbean and I am happy every day for making the choice to move back and live and work in the sunshine.

Why my Courses?

It is my mission to lead people (primarily women) in my country Suriname, the Caribbean and the rest of the world in their growth to use their full potential in order to build and lead the life they desire.

I successfully run two businesses from my hometown Paramaribo:

  • CLIP Training & Consultancy
  • RULOU Online Consultancy.

CLIP Training & Consultancy

Provides team building, organizational change projects and leadership training for companies in Suriname and Dutch companies who would like to experience extraordinary team building sessions in the beautiful nature of Suriname. This website is mostly for the Dutch speaking market and therefore primarily in Dutch.

RULOU Online Consultancy

Through this international company I will offer only online consultancy services and my book Sexy Leadership which is available on Amazon.
The services will include online courses, pre-recorded webinars, online human development and change reports for small companies and occasionally live consulting through Zoom sessions will be offered. I am a proud member of the CICMC (Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants)


My career up until now

I am a serial entrepreneur who started my first company when I was 25 years of age. During the past 22 years I have coached, trained and motivated thousands of people and lead them to change. Whether it was in their private or career life.

I am a business leadership expert, Human Development consultant & trainer, motivational speaker and author of two management books. The method and insights of what I call Sexy Leadership have been developed by me and are implemented in my work.
I am the founder & CEO of CLIP Training & Consultancy and RULOU Online Consultancy

After 32 years of living in the Netherlands, I returned home to Suriname in november 2015 and have worked from there throughout the Caribbean since then.

A few of my life motto’s are:
Focus, ACT, make your goals STICK and everything will be alright if it is for you!

Online Courses

RULOU Online Consultancy is currently offering Online Courses & Summits. The online courses are easily accessible for everyone who understands English and has the desire to grow and change their life. Whether it is privately or professionally. Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? The business leadership videos will for sure provide you with information and the courage to start your journey. I created the online courses for a few reasons.
I have gained a lot of knowledge over the years and used to organize many workshops. These days I am mostly very busy here in Suriname with consultancy work and organizing larger leadership training sessions.

There are a lot of people following my work, who want to learn and grow but cannot afford my training or masterclasses or just don’t have the time to attend. This is where my idea to create affordable, accessible, online courses came from. All of my “old” knowledge, workshops, and masterclasses are now available to anyone who is interested in a reasonable price. RULOU Online Consultancy brings its expertise and knowledge to you!

The summits & online seminars will be offered on a regular basis. All will be in the UBUNTU philosophy theme to teach people more about this awesome way of life-based on the values and wisdom of the UBUNTU spirit. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date about upcoming UBUNTU events.


Online course: Your path to personal and professional leadership

40 pre-recorded videos with lots of juicy insights, tips, tricks, and actions to grow your personal and professional leadership. I have recorded the videos myself and share with you all my experience and knowledge that I have gained over 20 years of working as a professional trainer and coach.

The 20 videos on how to develop your personal leadership contain the following amongst other info:

The 5 steps of Sexy leadership; the CLIP Method, UBUNTU, A Leadership Mindset, Jobcrafting and more.

The 20 Business Leadership videos cover amongst other info:

Your Entrepreneurial Mindset, How to kill procrastination, Strategizing your vision, Visibility, Master your business plan and more.

It is easy and simple.

A subscription gives you unlimited access to all videos during your chosen subscription period.

This is your simple option:

  • A 9 month subscription for USD 50

Start your leadership journey.
Watch the videos anywhere, anytime, and on every device. It is as easy as that.

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